The Ultimate Reconciliation

In this teaching, we will see through the scriptures that God has a plan of the ages in Christ. This plan is to ultimately reconcile all mankind through the salvation of Christ. This plan spans three ages and will be completed once the Lord Jesus puts all enemies under His feet. The amazing thing about the Lord Jesus putting His enemies under His feet is He will not torture or destroy them forever, but rather He will use corrective punishment to bring about their eventual reconciliation. Once this is accomplished, the Lord Jesus will hand the kingdom back to the Heavenly Father, where He will be All in all.

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Unveiling the Ages

In this teaching, we are going to look carefully at some Greek words that have been incorrectly translated as forever, everlasting, eternal, etc., however, these words should have been translated as age, age-lasting, age-during, or in the age to come, (e.g. instead of eternal life, it should be translated as “life in the age to come” or instead of eternal purpose it should be translated as “purpose of the ages”). Once these Greek words are correctly understood, then God’s purpose of the ages in Christ will be opened up to us and the coming ages will be more distinctly seen. Correctly understanding these Greek words will cause us to rethink some of the most damaging doctrines that have entered the church. We find that heresies have entered into the Church over the centuries and have become mainstream doctrines. If we truly desire the truth of God’s word no matter what the truth turns out to be, then we must test everything in the light of God’s word, no matter how popular a doctrine may be. If we recall our Lord tells us in Luke 21:8 to “take heed that you be not deceived”.

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God’s Purpose for the Day of Judgment

In this teaching, we will look at what the Bible teaches about the Day of Judgment. In the ultimate reconciliation of all, God’s judgments are key to bringing mankind back into a relationship with God. Some believers who believe in the ultimate reconciliation of all have apparently missed the necessity and purpose of the judgments of God in correcting wayward mankind. Instead of trying to erase God’s judgments we need to see that the judgments of God are the only way to bring correction to the rebellious heart of mankind. However, once the corrective punishment has accomplished its goal and purpose, then God will be All in all. God in His wisdom from the beginning set forth His glorious plan for mankind, we need to just step back and trust Him to bring the restoration and reconciliation in the way He sees best.

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Adoption: Divine Sonship

In this teaching, we will cover several topics that will help to explain “the adoption”. Most Christians don’t understand Paul’s usage of “adoption” in his writings, they think of adoption as when a child that is not a biological child is brought into a family and made a part of that family. However, Paul’s usage of “adoption” can’t be understood that way, for as we will see those that are born of the Spirit are truly a child of God with the seed of God in them. Paul’s usage of “adoption” is linked to the inheritance, specifically to the firstborn inheritance, not as human sons which is only the type of the heavenly inheritance, but as joint-heirs with the Lord Jesus where we are made like Him at the first resurrection and exalted and glorified as divine sons of God. This aspect of glorification (Doctrine of Theosis or Divinization or Deification) is not understood by most Christians but was understood by the early church, and hopefully, with this teaching, we will come to a greater understanding of “the adoption”, and the heavenly and high calling of God in the Lord Jesus.

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Will You be Counted Worthy to Attain the Age to Come?

In this teaching, we will look at the scriptures that says the believer must be accounted worthy in order for them to attain the age to come. If we are to understand the ultimate reconciliation correctly, then we must also understand the warnings in the scriptures as well. Many believers seem to forget that the scriptures warn that they can miss out in the age to come and the first resurrection, and many are not aware that the age to come is a reward to those that are faithful. The believer must understand this extremely important teaching if they desire to be part of the first resurrection and enter the kingdom of God in the age to come.

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The Inheritance of the Saints in the Light

In this teaching, we will learn that even though Adam sinned and caused mankind to fall and experience sin and death, God has had a plan even before the foundation of the world, that included the complete restoration of all mankind through Christ. Even though this plan spans several ages, those that will heed His call and overcome now in this present evil age will receive the firstborn inheritance of Christ as joint-heirs with the Lord Jesus, and the firstborn inheritance is the fullness of God.

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Born of the Spirit in the First Resurrection

In this teaching, we will learn that being born from above does not take place until the first resurrection. The believer is begotten or conceived now in this present evil age when they are converted by the Holy Spirit. In this life, the developing baby in the womb is a type or pattern of the spiritual development of the believer, where they go through the process of salvation being sanctified, where they are conformed into the image of Christ and He is formed in them. First, the believer is begotten, then they grow and mature as a son in the womb after they are fully developed they will come forth in birth in the first resurrection and be born from above by the Holy Spirit. The Lord Jesus is the pattern and the forerunner for the true believer, and He was born of the Spirit in His resurrection and became the firstborn from the dead. Like their Lord, the believer will follow in His footsteps and become born of the Spirit in the first resurrection.

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The Gift, and the Prize

In this teaching, I hope to clarify the difference between the gift and the prize. The gift is given to believers when they believe on the Lord Jesus and His work He did on the cross, in His death and resurrection (Romans 10:9-10). However, the prize is based on keeping the works of the Lord Jesus (Revelation 2:26) and how we walk in this present evil age (1 Corinthians 9:24-27; 2 Corinthians 13:5-6). Understanding the difference between the gift and the prize will help clear up some of the confusion when reading the New Testament.

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The First and Second Death

In this teaching, we will look at what the scriptures say about the first and second death. The scriptures warn us that if we don’t overcome, we will be hurt or injured by the second death. The ultimate reconciliation of all takes place over the span of three ages, and the first and second death must have its part in the overall plan of the ages in Christ. However, one day after the first and second death works its intended purpose, death will be done away with and be no more. Death is an enemy and Christ has conquered death, but for the believer, they must learn how to get the victory now in this present evil age, so they will not be hurt by the second death.

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Conforming to the Image of His Son

In this teaching, we will learn the centrality of the Lord Jesus in God’s plan of the ages. All things will be gathered together in the Lord Jesus in the ages to come. The Lord Jesus is the forerunner and He was made like us in all things, in order that the believer may be made like Him. If the believer is conformed to His image and He is formed in them, then they will in the first resurrection have their lowly bodies transformed into a glorious body like His. If they will reckon their old man crucified with Christ, and put on Christ, the new man, then they will walk in newness of life, and attain to the heavenly and high calling of God, to which they are called.

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Seek First the Kingdom of God

In this teaching, we will look at the scriptures that tell us that the Father wants us to trust Him for everything. We are to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all that we need will be given to us. We will also see that we are warned not to let the cares of this life overtake us, for if we do then we will become unfruitful. The Scriptures make it clear that we must be counted worthy in order to enter the age to come, so for this reason, it is important for us to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

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We are Complete in the Lord Jesus

In this teaching, we will learn that “in Christ” we are complete. We will learn that Christ is to be formed in us and we are to be filled with the fullness of Christ. We will see by the example of Christ how to walk in His fullness. We will also see how Paul entered into Christ’s fullness and walked in the power of Christ’s life.

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Working out your own Salvation with Fear and Trembling

In this teaching, we will look at the scripture that says about the believer working out their salvation with fear and trembling. They work out their salvation with fear and trembling by submitting to the work of the judgments of God and submitting to the Holy Spirit (1 Peter 4:17). It is important for the believer to understand what the word of God says, and to heed all the warnings in the scriptures.

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